Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Obstacle Course in the Meadow

 The weather has been so great that we've been able to get outside more. Desert Boy has decided that he doesn't like "adventure walks" but prefers "obstacle courses," so we went in search of one. The first obstacle was to get across the creek. We had to walk along it until we found a spot narrow enough to cross.

After Desert Boy jumped across, Desert Girl worked up her nerve and did a fine leap and avoided getting wet.

Before long, Desert Boy was up in a tree.

Then it was time for Desert Girl to cross the dam. Desert Boy is already working on capturing some great photos for the fair this summer.

We still had one more obstacle--find another way back across the creek. I like making the kids find a way to accomplish the task, I generally stay back and watch.
Hurray for outside time!

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