Wednesday, February 4, 2015

St. George Bird Festival 2015

 In 2013 we went to the St. George Bird Festival and enjoyed it so much that we went back this year. I had signed up for a photography birding trip on Friday, but when I woke up it was raining and I wasn't feeling well and decided I better not go or I would be sick even longer. Fortunately, the next day I was feeling better so the kids and I went on a short birding trip to Springs Park. We were greeted by birds running towards us, hoping to get fed.

We had a big group of all abilities, and we took our time walking around the pond.

The kids were enthralled with the swans. I have to admit I was too, even though they are Mute Swans and not native. They still are really beautiful.

We also saw pied-billed grebes, mallards, spotted towhees, Abert's towhee, white-crowned sparrows, a snow goose, a road runner, and much more. For me the highlight was this Crissal Thrasher, a new species for my life list.

It was nice going with a trip leader who knew not only about the birds of the area, but also the efforts to conserve them.

The kids weren't too excited about the talking, so they ran ahead and found this nice swing with a great view of the pond and birds.

We watched an American coot come up close and really got to observe its interesting feet.

A little later we went back to the Tonaquint Nature Center for the junior birding program. I think Desert Boy was surprised how much he already knew about birds.

Right outside the nature center the sun came out and lit up this mallard.

We also saw hooded mergansers, bufflehead, a belted kingerfisher, two mute swans, and this ring-necked duck on the pond.

The kids really enjoyed seeing a peacock on the grounds. Then we went over to a pavilion where Home Depot was sponsoring a project to make bird feeders. The kids were delighted to use hammers.

The finished project! We look forward to using them.
Later we went to a program about owls and got to see an owl close up. It was really neat (even though I didn't get a good photo!)

I think one of the reasons I enjoy the St. George Bird Festival so much is that it's in the middle of winter, but St. George is quite warm, so it doesn't seem like winter. I also like seeing birds that I don't usually get to see. We plan to return!

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