Sunday, October 27, 2013

Kids Challenge: Build a Bridge

 The kids like a good challenge, and I like getting them outside. So I told them, "Go build a bridge."

Fortunately it was a warmish day, because you might be able to guess how this challenge ended.

 Simple bridge.

 Bridge testing.

 Desert Girl not so sure, but the "big" kids ready to help.

 Twinkle toes made it!

 Ah, easy peasy.

 One bridge wasn't enough, so the kids moved on to make another bridge, near an irrigation diversion.

 Well, now they've crossed two creeks and have to find a way back. They take their bridge building supplies with them.

 Henry isn't so sure a bridge is necessary.

But the kids try a new bridge-building technique.

 This almost worked. (Do you notice some wet pants?)

 A slightly different bridge system.

 The teamwork was great.

 Just one more creek to go!

Success! They all made it back, and only slightly wet.

We'll have to do this again when we find a warm day.

Where have you tried to make a bridge?

1 comment:

I Am Woody said...

When I was a kid, my friends and I loved trying to build dams in the small creek near my house. :)

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