Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fashionista (and a Freebie)

It's been super busy around here--or at least I've been busy enough that updating my blog hasn't been happening!

Here's a quick post--my lovely fashionista above, who delights in choosing her own outfits and accessories. It's so fun watching her develop. 

And the Freebie? How about a code for a free rental at Redbox? We don't have any out here, but we see them when we go to town, and sometimes a new video that the kids can watch for a couple hours can make traveling so much more pleasant!

Here's the code, good for a one day DVD rental at kiosks only: 9MXW2LPC


I Am Woody said...

Love love love her sense of style!

Anonymous said...

Rented Much Ado About Nothing (a Joss Whedon film) thanks to the coupon.

Thank you!


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