Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Rural Milestone

 Out in the rural parts of this country, especially the rural parts that have livestock, cattle guards are a common occurrence. The cattle guards are essentially metal slats placed on a concrete foundation above a hole in the ground. They deter the cattle (and sheep) from crossing, but allow vehicles to easily cross.

For kids, they provide an obstacle course. Can they get across without their little feet slipping between the spaces? After they've done it a few times, it turns from fear into fun, and they look forward to crossing the cattle guards. It's a way to show that they're getting big, and every little kid seems to want to be a big kid right now.

Desert Girl loves cattle guards, so I wanted to get a couple photos of her simple pleasure!

When was the last time you walked across a cattle guard?


Julie Dorsbien said...

Such a fun photo! Do your cattlegrids have ramps inside to let all the small animals out? Hedgehogs in the UK have a hard time getting stuck and a little plank makes a lifesaving difference!

Desert Survivor said...

Hi Julie, it's interesting to hear about hedgehogs! We don't have those here. We don't have designated ramps, but often the hole underneath has a side that isn't so steep. I almost never see any animals under the cattle guards here, so I guess if they fall in, they usually find a way out (or something that can get in and out eats them).

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