Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summertime Swimming

 School starts in about a week, so we've been trying to squeeze in as much summertime fun as we can. The hot temperatures have made it easy to agree to go to the swimming hole, where the kids also enjoy digging in the sand.

 Desert Girl was sporting a new swimsuit, which she called a "zucchini." She was sure that was the name of it.
 Isaac was having good success making sand castles.

 The dogs were having a great time, too.

 The fun factor ramped up when the kids made their own "jumping boards." The water depth in the swimming hole varies quite a bit, from just a couple inches to about four feet. It's actually a settling pond, where the water slows down before it heads down to the fields below via a pipe. It's quite interesting to see how the substrate changes, from rocky where the stream enters the pond, to sandy, to fine sediment that becomes very mucky. I don't like the mucky parts, especially when my foot sinks in several inches. The rest is nice, though.

 "Ready, set, go!"

Ava loved to splash!

 Then the big kids wanted to go into the deeper water. Desert Boy has learned to back float and doggy paddle better this summer, so I feel more comfortable with him around water. He still has a lot to learn though, so I'm sure to remind him of that.

 Henry is a natural swimmer, but even he gets worn out and needs time to go get his nose sandy.

It was a fun afternoon. Eventually we got cold enough in the mountain stream that we had to go home to warm up. That's a nice feeling on a hot summer afternoon!

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I Am Woody said...

Looks like a fun afternoon! I wouldn't like the mucky parts either!!

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