Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hanging out with Clementine

Ready for a tale of woe? (Some of it may actually be true.)

Once upon a time a little calf was born on a dark and stormy night. (A dark and stormy night makes for much better reading than a calm and boring night, even though the latter is more likely to be the case.) 

Although she did her best, the poor mama cow just couldn't make it, and her little orphan calf was on her own. She was now known as a bummer calf. (That part is true, calves that don't have a mama taking care of them are bummer calves.)

Fortunately for her, she was taken in by two friendly people, who fed her daily bottles of milk replacement and hay to help make her into a big, strong cow. They named her Clementine.

Clementine was doing well until one dark night, a big and ferocious mountain lion jumped into her pen and tried to eat her. The calf fought back, and managed to live, but the lion's big teeth had left deep gashes in her neck and shoulders. She couldn't get over her memories of that mountain lion, and with no mama to console her, she just didn't want to go on.

She was moved to a new home, where she wouldn't see reminders of the mountain lion attack. She also got to hang out with two great lambs, who helped protect her. Slowly, with the aid of antibiotics and pain killers and lots of love, Clementine improved.

And that's where we get to be part of the story. Clementine's new family was out of town for the weekend, so we were asked to help take care of her. The kids were so excited!
 They quickly learned how to bottle feed her.

 Clementine drinks very fast!

She also likes to slobber all over the front of my clothes. Above, Desert Girl is pointing at some pus from a would above Clementine's ear. Poor thing!

It was fun taking care of Clementine, and we hope she keeps improving.

The kids would love to help with Clementine again. Of course, the nearby merry-go-round is also a very good incentive!

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I Am Woody said...

Poor sweet Clementine! Hope she continues to improve!

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