Friday, May 17, 2013

An Evening of Simple Adventures

 The other evening my husband had a meeting, so I decided that after dinner the kids and I would go for an adventure walk. The kids love adventure walks, especially when they get to choose where we go. Of course they headed to the water. It was too cold to swim, but we could try to cross the first ditch. Desert Girl, in her sparkly red shoes, decided to do it all by herself. She mostly succeeded.

 On the other side we found our next adventure, a log for balancing. It's so nice that simple things give so much pleasure!

 Next it was Desert Boy's happy moment: jumping across the creek (with an airplane magazine in hand). He backed up, took a deep breath, ran, and launched. He made it!

 We wandered under an ash tree and I couldn't help but notice that the leaves were just starting to unfold.

 They made for an interesting contrast of the newer, denser, greener leaves and the slightly older, less green background. Making this little discovery made me relax and enjoy the evening even more. I find that I am always on the quest to learn something new, and even if it's something as small as learning how ash tree leaves unfold, it makes me feel fulfilled.

 Speaking of trees, Desert Boy found one he could climb.

 And of course if Desert Boy did it, Desert Girl had to also. They played on the tree for a long time. The sun had dipped far below the mountains and it was time to head home.

 But first we had to throw in a few more leaps across another ditch, including one that didn't go quite as planned. But alas, only one leg was wet, so all was fine.

I'm hoping for lots more adventure walks (and jumps!) this summer.

What kind of simple adventures do you like to have?

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The Incredible Woody said...

Looks like a perfect evening! I like to walk in the woods alone. Hearing nothing but the crunch of my boots on the ground helps clear my head and renews my spirit.

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