Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Bovine Interlude

 The cows are back in the meadow near our house, which means that they can't resist coming over to visit. Soon they see (or remember) that our cattle guard is no impediment to their travel, and they enjoy munching our grass. I wouldn't mind so much except they leave huge cow pies behind, the kind of cow pies that when you fall off the hammock and land in one do not make you happy.

They also like my tulips.

 I have beautiful tulips, and for some reason I think the tulips should be for my enjoyment and not just a little cow snack.

 Desert Boy chased the cows out of the yard yesterday afternoon, learning some good lessons about chasing cows.

 Unfortunately this cow started back in as soon as we had turned our backs.

 Another one being chased out got her to turn around.

 Good bye, cows.

 Yes, a new cattle guard is on the to-do list. Unfortunately I don't think it's very high up on the to-do list. My husband doesn't mind cow pies all over the yard and thinks a few munched tulips are kind of humorous. I try taking a few deep breaths, find some zen, and remember where the beef we eat comes from.


The Incredible Woody said...

The deer love my tulips :/

G. Robison said...

My Uncle Shirley (the state brand inspector that Dean and Carl knew so well) had his own homemade cattle guards out there that he swore by. Strips of black rubber tire inner tubing stretched across the road. He said it scared the cattle more than any normal cattle guard. I never knew one to cross it (but we only visited, so who knows?).

G. Robison said...

I think the slight movement of the strips in the breeze was what bothered the cattle. You could string them right over the cattle guard already there as an experiment. You can just drive right over them, too. I think they were only 2-3" above the ground.

Alica said...

Cow that are not where they're supposed to do are a pet peeve of mine! Just let them get in my garden, and they are on my hit list, for sure!! I agree that tulips and garden things are not for a cow's entertainment. :)

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