Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Little Pet

 The kids were delighted to go see their friends' pet yesterday. What was it? Oh, just your regular, friendly 'ol pet. Or maybe not. It wasn't a dog. Or a cat. Or a fish. Or a guinea pig. Or a turtle. Or an iguana. Nope, they had a... rat. And the kids could not wait to hold it.

 I tried not to show my expressions as they experienced the wonder of holding a rat, feeling its whiskers brush their fingers, watching its ears twitch...

 ...or letting it climb up on their heads. Both kids had to do this. I just kept my mouth shut and pressed the shutter button.

This might not have been my idea of a good time, but they definitely thought it was.

And with that, have a good day!


jhami said...

Haha cute! Those turned out great!

G. Robison said...

Rats make wonderful pets, if you can just get past their unfortunate propensity to urinate and defecate on you when you are holding them.

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