Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Our Weekend Adventure

Our weekend began with a spur of the moment decision to go camping. We recently found an old camp trailer that was useable (meaning no sign of mice, looked decent, and didn't seem to need too much cleaning). We thought it would be fun to take it out on a test run to camp about 20 minutes from our house.

My husband hooked up the trailer at lunchtime, and the plan was for me to take it and the kids to our camping spot, and then my husband would meet me after work (being a rancher, that work stuff takes way too much time!).

While I was cleaning the trailer, I found some structural integrity issues that took awhile to resolve (it doesn't help that I'm not super handy with tools), so at 6 p.m. we were still sitting in the driveway. I was tired, and I was wondering if we should even go.

We decided why not. But no cooking. Off to the Border Inn for the Cinco de Mayo buffet. The music had already started and Desert Boy really wanted to dance. I was still eating, so I told him to take Desert Girl out on the dance floor. He did, and then I had to follow to see what they were doing.

Desert Boy was swing dancing. It was awesome.

Silver Sage Music was playing, and the kids were really getting into the music.

We're talking spinning, moving, and lots of laughing.

I'm so glad I went and peeked at what they were doing!

We didn't stay too long as we wanted to start the camping adventure. When we exited the Border Inn, we saw the moon rising. Even though I had read that the moon was only 8 percent larger than normal, it looked a lot bigger at first, as it rose over the mountains. I was glad the media had given it a lot of attention--I knew lots of people were out looking at the moon the same time we were, and that's kind of a neat thought.

We went and chased a good spot for a fancy moon photo and were attracted to a windmill off in the distance.

I never could get the photo quite how I wanted, but it was fun looking around the windmill. To my amazement, my husband had never been out to it, so he enjoyed exploring.

The old Aermotor made in Chicago was still spinning.

I wonder how many cowboys have watched its blades spin.

It was getting dark quickly, which meant we had to get moving.

To be continued...


The Incredible Woody said...

What an incredible photo of the moonrise!! I love that Desert Boy wanted to dance - how sweet is that!

Looking forward to the rest of your adventure!

Anonymous said...

Just sit right back
and you'll hear a tale
a tale of a fateful trip
that started from this Border Inn...

Anonymous said...

How did I become "anonymous"?

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