Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Birthday Celebration

We have a five-year old in the house now. He knows a lot. About trains. About airplanes. About cars and trucks. And about everything else. He is happy to share his copious knowledge. He is a hoot!

Desert Boy wanted a BIG birthday party so Sunday evening we had friends and family over. The weather cooperated and we were able to have it outside.

The following photos are a little out of order as they upload alphabetically and I didn't feel like renaming them after I had named them. Of course, the party was a bit chaotic, so it's only right that the photos reflect that!
Ava and the pinata. The pinata was a huge hit (ha, ha!). Thanks to our wonderful babysitter for bringing it.

The big kids had no problem entertaining themselves.

Blow those candles out!

Emptying the pinata. My husband gets very nervous around pinatas. Or more correctly, he gets nervous around kids with deadly weapons swinging wildly while others dive for candy.

It looks like Charlie and Sam were having a good conversation.

Desert Girl enjoyed her cake. That was after she ate all the candy off one cake and we had to redecorate it.

The cakes were supposed to look like trains. Desert Boy wanted plain frosting and lots of candy and helped decorate them. He was happy, so I was happy.

Isaac and Desert Girl had a good time.

Young GQ.

Back to the pinata.

Besides the pinata, the only semi-organized activity we got to was the obstacle course, which included the cardboard cave. The cave was definitely kid-sized--I tried to go through it but had to back up.

It was a great evening, and Desert Boy loved it.

Now he's ready for his next party.

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Anonymous said...

can't believe how much Desert Boy has grown! the dude definitely has that GQ look. what a great birthday party!! Did Desert Girl open any of his presents?? 80)


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