Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Great Frog Search

We were waiting for my husband to do a task that was taking longer than expected out in the desert, so I decided we had time to go on a frog search. We headed to the nearby "swamp" and proceeded to look for frogs. We found tons!

These are Columbia spotted frogs. It wasn't that long ago that the Division of Wildlife folks were counting egg masses. Now little frogs are hanging out all around. We managed to catch one, but not for long. They are really good at getting away.

I was very worried that Emma would fall into the water, but she seemed to listen to directions to stay out.

Desert Boy became a good frog spotter after he had seen a couple.

Then it was time to take a walk. And of course when you're in the "swamp," you don't take nice, tidy little walks. Desert Boy found a good muddy spot right off the bat and sunk up to his knee in the mud.

He kept looking for frogs, though. We only spotted one in this grassier section.

Meanwhile, Desert Girl got in on the action and plopped her tush down in the mud. She wasn't sure what to think at first, but she quickly figured out that the mud was fun and not too cold.

Desert Boy continued his trek. He was fearless as we tramped through the wilds.

Still looking...

Meanwhile, up on the drier bank, I found this dragonfly--or is it a damselfly? I don't know much about the Order Odonata.

Where's Emma?

Sitting in the mud again!

We sure enjoyed the beautiful spring day. I'm glad we got out, as it's going to be cold and rainy the next few days.


The Incredible Woody said...

What a wonderful day!!

Anonymous said...

Why? Because its wings are closed. The wings of a dragonfly are open when at rest.


g said...

Did Emma eat the mud???

Pale-winged Trumpeter said...

This site did great this year; There were 279 egg masses in the North Spring, another 26 in the South. Over 250 masses were in the main pond (that means, if there is a 1:1 sex ratio of frogs, that the pond contains over 500 Columbia Spotted Frogs)!! That makes 305 egg masses total, more than double the previous high for the site since 2006! Also, for the first time, we found egg masses all the way down the outflow and past the fence! This population is amazing.

Pale-winged Trumpeter said...

Nice Frog pics, by the way!

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