Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Parking Lot

We saw some big machinery near the post office and went to investigate what was happening.

They're busy tearing out the old parking lot and putting a new one in. This is one of those Stimulus projects. So was last year's, when they tore out part of the parking lot and replaced it to improve handicapped access. And if you're wondering if the parking area that got put in last year was torn out this year---the answer is Yes.

I'd much rather have my tax dollars going towards putting in sidewalks in town so we don't have to walk down the highway with our kids or redoing the tennis/basketball court by the school. But I don't get to decide these things.

The parking lot didn't look so big when it was all paved, but once it was torn up, it looked quite a bit larger.

They started pouring the new concrete curbs. The weather isn't exactly being the most cooperative, but it is winter after all! We'll see how this project turns out. And then maybe we'll figure out how to rig a tennis net in the middle of it.


The Incredible Woody said...

I just love those brilliant govt plans! Can you hear the sarcasm?

G. Robison said...

The post office is a bit bigger and sturdier than when Aunt Marge was working there in, oh, 1973 or so.......ROFL. Looks about 10 times bigger. At least. And you just parked on the shoulder of the road in front of it.

I am thinking this new one is a bit better. And the parking lot WITH CONCRETE CURBS is so, ummmmm, urbane. But I have to disagree with you about the sidewalks. NOOOOOOO SIDEWALKS IN BAKER!!!!

Next thing you know, you're gonna have a 7-11 and a McDonalds and a Subway and it's all gonna be over.

Anonymous said...

Liked the shadowy self portrait :)

jendoop said...

This must be a VIPO - very important post office. Don't get me started on the environmental impact of that asphalt going to waste, not to mention the money. I think "bureaucracy" must mean "idiocy" in some Native American.

reMark said...

I see similarities to the posts between Rensselaer and the Wild Wild West. This is a post that the Dessert Survivor has surely found interesting!

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