Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Babies

The new babies on the ranch are getting acquainted with their new home. The calves are so cute! And they look so tiny right now.

When people say how fast kids grow, they're right, they do grow in seemingly a flash. But if you consider how fast calves grow--whoa, nelly, that's a whole other story. Although gestation for both human and cow babies is nine months, once they're born, they have very different growing rates.

For example:

Little Emma has added ten inches and over ten pounds in a year.

The little calves that were born about the same time as her last year have added several feet and over 800 pounds in a year. Many are leaving the ranch already. Just saying that makes me want to run and get a tissue. I guess those are my maternal hormones speaking!

Well, we'll enjoy these little calves while they're still little.

The mama cows are keeping a close eye on all the little ones.

And that's it for today, time to get back to my little ones! Thanks for visiting.


The Incredible Woody said...

It really is amazing to think about!

Ringo said...

the place where i live is full of cows as well, all year around, and every time i get to see a little calf i stop to stare at them for a while. they really are very cute.

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