Saturday, February 5, 2011

Desert Girl's Party

Well, you only turn one once, so I couldn't resist and we had a big first birthday party for Desert Girl. (Yes, you only turn each age only once, but that first year of life may be the year with the most changes!) And although I knew Desert Girl wouldn't remember the birthday, we took photos so we could show her all the fun.

She started off the afternoon in some new duds. She is cute in about everything (this coming from the totally unbiased mother.) She likes that piano, a lot. She plays it almost every day. Or perhaps I should say pounds the keys every day.

The kids and young-at-heart went upstairs and had fun playing with trains, legos, and more.

Desert Boy had a conversation with Nicole. I'm not sure what he was telling her about, but he was animated!

Downstairs, Emma had managed to lose a shoe on her way to find some food. Uncle Dave was accommodating, and she hung out by him until his food was gone. I have a very smart daughter (of course!). In the background you can get a glimpse of the fun to come.

I had some masks for the kids, and they did a quick parade through the house showing off the masks.

Then it was pinata time! It had started snowing outside, so we made some space in the living room and everyone lived in fear for their body parts for a few minutes while the wild swings took place.

Finally the pinata was broken and the kids rushed in for the candy.

Then it was cake time. I had made a separate cupcake for Emma, and Desert Boy insisted that we put the candle into a little plastic airplane on her cupcake.

We lit the candle, sang happy birthday, and told Emma to blow out the candle.

She didn't know what to think about the candle. Desert Boy was at her side, ready to blow it out.

Desert Girl did know what to do with the cake and frosting. It disappeared quickly!

Here she is in the living room with her little friend Stacia, who's just a couple months younger. I wanted to get a photo of all the little ones. That was much easier said than done!

And Caleb managed to sneak into the photo when I wasn't looking! I didn't even know he was there until I looked at the photos later! This is Juliet, Isaac, Emma, and Stacia. What cuties!

We never could get them all to cooperate at the same time, but it still was precious to see them all squirming all over each other and looking in all directions. They will be so much different in just a year!
Next was some chaotic gift-opening, with the slightly older kids more than ready to help. Emma is so lucky to have so many people in her life.

We are really grateful to everyone who came and everyone who thought of Emma on her special day. It's true that it takes a village...

Now Desert Boy keeps reminding us EVERY DAY that his birthday is coming up. He even knows the date (although he doesn't know what the date means and that it's three months away). Birthdays with kids are sure a lot of fun!


The Incredible Woody said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Desert Girl!!

jendoop said...

Looks like fun! She's so cute. Here's to another great year!

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