Monday, December 13, 2010

Photo Shoot Outtakes

Yesterday after lunch we got all dolled up to take a Christmas photo. Then came the hard decision of where to take it. It was warm, and natural light is always better than flash, so we headed outside. But the cloudless day made for some harsh light. We went by one of our big trees to see if that would soften it up a bit. Then came our next challenge: convincing Desert Boy to stay put.

Then Desert Girl had some issues.

We switched to a different location and Henry wanted to be in the photo while Desert Boy puffed out his cheeks.

Oh yeah, Henry, it's all about you!

One, two, three, kids, open your mouths. At least it was a change from Emma eating the grass.

She was happy eating the grass, though, and it made her smile, so we let her do it.

We kept trying and never ended up with the perfect posed photo. But we did get this one. Sometimes the best photos aren't the posed ones.


jendoop said...

I agree! Posed photos aren't real life, and the real ones show their personality so much more :)

Emily Hale said...

We are at the same place. Graeme will not stay still. I ended up sending separate pictures of the boys with our cards this year as getting one with them together was not happening. It's good to see how much Desert Boy loves his little sister :-)

I Am Woody said...

That last pic is absolutely precious!! I think the outtakes are just awesome:)

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