Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Lot of Snow

We had a warm vacation the past weekend and then came home to over a foot of snow. Then we woke up this morning to another six inches. Then it kept snowing all day! Yikes!

In the photo above, can you see the picnic tables? I think there are seven of them.

Here's the barbeque and a round spool. I was taking the shortcut to the post office and the snow was up to my knees. It was tough walking! It was really amusing to watch Henry bound through the snow. He looked a little bit like a rabbit, hopping all over.

The school bus has stayed parked the last few days. The kids were supposed to have school Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning this week. So far they have missed the first three. I guess they're getting a regular-length Christmas break after all! It's just too bad that they're missing all the parties.

In the late afternoon we finally got up the gumption to go out again. We took the sled, and at first I didn't take my camera because it was getting so dark, but then I changed my mind. My husband had thoughtfully plowed the driveway earlier in the day, allowing us to get out.

It was Emma's first time on a sled, and little Desert Girl didn't quite know what to think.

It didn't help that I dumped her out about six times on our walk. It wasn't too easy for her to keep her balance, and the ground wasn't exactly level everywhere. But she's tough, and I think she enjoyed the experience overall.

While we were walking, we found my husband busy with the backhoe. It's nice that he's handy that way!

He was clearing in front of the ambulance shed. Hopefully that will ensure that no ambulances will be needed.

Our forecast is for the snow to end and temperatures to get warmer, so we'll be sloshing around for a few days. This is the most snow we've gotten in the valley all at one time in many years. Down south they're experiencing major flooding, so I'm not sure what is worse.

Good luck to everyone who is traveling and has tough weather to complicate matters.

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jendoop said...

It is strange to see all the snow the West is getting. We haven't gotten a major storm yet. But that's good because I need new tires on the van!

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