Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gingerbread House

We've been away for a bit, but before we get into those photos, here are some others more keeping with the Christmas theme. I've never made a gingerbread house before, so when one of our friends suggested a gingerbread house making party, that sounded like a lot of fun. It was held out at the Border Inn, which had the extra advantage that I wouldn't have to cook that night.

My husband volunteered to help with construction, which left me free to take photos.

They had plenty of ingredients to personalize their gingerbread houses. Ingredient was a new word for Desert Boy, and now he asks what the ingredients are for everything.

And I do mean everything.

Yesterday he wanted to know what the ingredients were for milk. That was a little tricky to answer.

And two days ago he wanted to know what the ingredients were for snow. I told him water and cold. My husband said two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen, and then wanted to know if we should get a wall-sized copy of the periodic table for Desert Boy's room. I told him no.

The party was well-attended, with creativity (and sugar) freely-flowing.

Desert Boy and Daddy had the walls up and were ready for the roof.

Ashley and Aron sat across from us and made a cute house.

Desert Boy's gingerbread house started with symmetrical decorations.

The other houses were progressing nicely.

Even adults were getting in on the action.

Place that candy in just the right place!

I liked this unique gingerbread house.

Chandra had a neat chimney and fence for her daughter's gingerbread house. Wait--where's her daughter?

Nearby, watching!

When I got back to Desert Boy's house, I found that he had added a backyard and more decorations.

Then he went to work on making some shrubs.

The happy boy and his house. He wasn't quite finished, but fairly close.

People kept arriving to make their houses. Arlene gave it a try.

The table of finished houses. It was a good night! And the best part about gingerbread houses is that the fun isn't only the night you make them, but also the days afterwards when you eat them!

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Anonymous said...

Definitely get Desert Boy a wall sized poster of the periodic table!
(expensive, but much cheaper posters are also available at other outlets)


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