Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thinking Outside the Box

The other day Desert Boy declared he wanted his train tracks to go in the canyons. Apparently that meant under his train table. I helped him make a circuitous route and he brought down the accessories.

He arranged the accessories quite nicely. In the background, you can see Desert boy pushing the little train under the table.

This table is low, even for a preschooler. That didn't stop him. It stopped me, though, so I wasn't able to chase his train as much as he wanted me to. He's big into chasing, on the playground, on the train table, and through the canyons.

He did manage to take a break long enough to flash me a smile. What a charmer.

It was fun watching how entertained he was running his train in a slightly different way.

So I guess I should have titled this post under the table, but that didn't have quite the right ring to it. Now that Desert Boy saw me writing this post he wants to return his train tracks to the ground.

And here's a photo totally off the subject, but I figure a little bit of drool is a good way to help get through the day!


The Incredible Woody said...

He is so smart!!!

Sliv said...

What a family! I like the title.

Anonymous said...

I come in peace... drool drool drool

g said...

Desert Boy and his Indy cousin can spend hours down in the canyons playing train pursuit. Desert Girl can lubricate the tracks. Everything goes better with spit !

Anonymous said...

I think Desert boy looks like calab


Anonymous said...

Desert Girl's drool could be a waterfall...yes?

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