Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our Fishing Expedition

First I have to start with a few photos that my brother and sister-in-law took on their super duper fancy camera. They took awesome photos! And they let me keep the ones I wanted. How great are they! And the best part was I didn't have to lug the heavy camera around. Because I would be highly likely to break it. I usually break my camera every year or two, and in fact both my cameras are cracked, one from a caving trip and another from photographing calves. But I digress.

Here are my brother and niece Maria clearly enjoying our gorge adventure.

A little assistance now and then made it possible for the little ones to do most of the trip on their own. Desert Boy's cowboy boots perhaps weren't the best choice for climbing footwear, but he managed. I have a feeling he would have done most of the hike wearing just about anything.

Oh my goodness, I look pregnant again! That's just Desert Girl tucked away next to me. She was a happy camper. And now we're ready to start the next adventure, the adventure that got Desert Boy into the van. We were going to go fishing.

We went to the rocky shore of the nearby lake. After we all piled out of the van, the two guys who had been camping there left. I guess we were making a little too much noise for them! Usually no one is at this lake, so we were surprised to see them.

Desert Boy loves to go fishing, even though he's never caught a fish. We knew he wouldn't catch anything here, even though there were Sacramento perch and catfish in the lake. How did we know? Because we took off the barbed hook to avoid painful injuries and replaced it with
a sinker.
Maria's approach to fishing was using the net in the puddles. You might be able to tell that her pants are soaked from the knees down. She was so happy to do fishing her way.

The pole was a little long and heavy for Desert Boy, but he didn't let that stop him.

It was a perfect day for a fishing excursion, with the rocks blocking the wind, the warm sun keeping us comfortable, and nothing else on the agenda. We would have stayed longer, but somehow two little kids managed to get very wet in a short amount of time. Desert Boy was already in his second outfit of the day and didn't have any other dry clothes in the vehicle, so he got to go home wrapped in blankets.


g said...

How cold was the water?

Anonymous said...

Making memories...even though the kids are young, what a wonderful foundation to build on!


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