Monday, May 24, 2010

Magic Candles

My sister-in-law had her birthday while she was visiting, so we made some special cakes for her. She's a naturalist, so we had to make something nature-related. First we made a butterfly cake, and Desert Boy enjoyed decorating. Does he look at all guilty about eating the decorations? Nah, I didn't think so either.

And we also made a ladybug cake. Okay, these aren't exactly masterpieces, but they do look slightly better than my attempt at Elmo cupcakes!

The finished butterfly cake.

Then it was time for blowing out the candles--both Desert Boy and his cousin Maria were happy to help.

But these weren't just any ol' candles, these were magic candles that apparently shoot fire. To see the action, check out the video below.

Ready for me to make your cake? Ha, ha.


g said...

What's going to happen for Maria's birthday? firecrackers? flamethrowers? Oh, wait the flamethrowers are for Uncle Andrew who shares a birthday with Maria.

Sarah said...

Is no one safe from the blog?! The cake sure was tasty. Thanks for a wonderful birthday!

Sliv said...

What fun you had.

flatbow said...

How much ice cream ended up on that cake?

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