Saturday, April 24, 2010

Preschool Party

It's my turn to carpool to preschool once a week, and I was fortunate to be there for Elizabeth's birthday party. All the kids were so excited. Anytime you mention party, they can hardly sit still. But if they know that there's something good coming, like cupcakes, they can sit for a short while.

So many happy faces! The kids really love preschool, and it's so good for them to start learning how to interact and have some structured activities.

While they were waiting for the cupcakes, Teacher Gwendy reviewed colors with them.

Then came the special moment: cupcake time! Elizabeth was even wearing a Birthday Girl shirt with three cupcakes, so she was having a great day.

Yudneli really enjoyed the cupcakes.

The funniest was Charley, who not only finished his cupcake but licked his plate and those of the kids around him. Those were definitely some good cupcakes!

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Elizabeth! Those kids surely did have fun.

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