Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Best Part of the Playground

We went to the playground the other afternoon and were delighted when a couple of Desert Boy's friends also came. They started out swinging and playing on the slides. But then the real fun began.
It was time to take a drink! And what better way to get a drink than from a spigot.
Elizabeth went first.
Desert Boy managed to get wet quickly, imagine that!
Ava thought it was great.
It was amazing how a little bit of water was so amusing to everyone.
It was nice to have it warm enough that it didn't matter if they got splashed.
After the spigot had run a little while, there was a puddle, which meant even more fun, especially since all the kids were allowed to play in it.
The kids sure worked up a good appetite for dinner.
I'm not sure what happened here--Desert Boy needed a hug for something or other. The kids are generally good at playing together.
But they are kids, so they tussle over things like who gets the ball.
I think this was Desert Boy's way of saying that he was really tired--but he didn't want to give up the ball!


Anonymous said...

I guess I can't steal any more of your photos now that they are all copyrighted!


jhami said...

Very cute photos!

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