Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Fun

When we woke up on Easter morning, we were surprised to see several new inches of snow on the ground. We had a little Easter egg hunt in the house, where Desert Boy hid most of the eggs and I hid his Easter bag (since we didn't have a basket, and he didn't care). Then we took turns finding things. I'm not sure who had more fun. I certainly enjoyed being a kid again and eating candy for breakfast. Desert Boy enjoyed getting a couple new books but didn't know what to think of the Playdoh.

With a little extra sugar in our systems, it was time to get all dressed up to go to church. I still remember standing in front of our house as a kid for the Easter photo. That always seemed to be one of the few times that we'd get all dressed up, and we had to take advantage of it for posterity's sake!

In the afternoon, we went over to celebrate Easter with a delicious dinner.
Aunt Tana and Desert Girl enjoyed each other's company. We are really enjoying Desert Girl's smiling stage.

Desert Boy was super excited because his cousin Clay had hid eggs for him. At first he wanted to open the eggs, because he was used to plastic eggs. We had to explain that these were hardboiled eggs. He said, "Oh," and thunked each egg into the bag. Amazingly four of the thirteen eggs didn't crack.

Desert Boy required a little help finding the eggs, but he thought it was great. And the eggs were very nicely decorated.
You can see the look of concentration on Desert Boy's face.
Inside he was happy to help peel the hardboiled eggs. Then he was ready for candy--I'm afraid he's inherited my sweet tooth.

Hope you had a super Easter! It's so nice to celebrate life and family and all the simple pleasures of being alive.


I Am Woody said...

Gosh - those two look SO much a like!! Glad you guys had such a great day:)

I Am Woody said...

PS - Love your new haircut in the profile pic!

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