Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hidden Pictographs

Many archeological site locations are kept under tight wraps to prevent looting and defacement. Today I'm going to take you to one of those secret spots. I had heard about it a couple years ago,  and although it wasn't too far from where we live, my husband had never heard about it despite growing up in the area. 

Some of these spots are really secret!

So what may look like a plain rock wall (photo above), has some decorations.

These are pictographs, designs and pictures made by American Indians at some point in the past. Pictographs are made using dye and applying it like paint. Petroglyphs, a different type of rock art, are made when rocks are used to scratch the rock patina, like those found at Parowan Gap.

Some of the forms are a little difficult to make out. Over hundreds of years, and sometimes thousands of years, the artwork has faded. Nevertheless, it is amazing that it has lasted so long!

Desert Boy and Daddy found another alcove with some pictographs.

This human form is well-preserved and easily identifiable.

Some fainter pictographs decorate part of the sloped ceiling.

Looking at all the pictographs can be hard work!


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Reminds me of our trip out there.

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