Thursday, June 4, 2009

Climbing the Gravel Pile

It doesn't take much to entertain Desert Boy. A pile of gravel will do the trick. 

The pile looked easy enough to climb, but soon Desert Boy found he had to crawl to get up it.

He kept going and going, until he reached the top.

And then he ran down!
But there was a slight problem.

He got rocks in his boot. He kicked off his boot.

And emptied it out. 

Then it was time to take off the other boot.

Taking off the boots isn't hard, but putting them back on can be a little tricky.

So Desert Boy figured out something else to do with his boots...

Put gravel IN the boots. 

It might not be practical, but at least it's fun!


A said...

What's with these kids? The latest thrill here is filling the shoes (for starters, then shirts and hair) up with sand. Then they put them back on (sort of) and walk around.

Caroline said...

So many rock piles so little time...

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