Saturday, January 13, 2018

2017 Caves

In a beautiful local cave with friend Teresa and kids
2017 was a terrific year for caving. I went in caves at almost sea level down in Quintana Roo, Mexico, and in a fumarole cave at the top of Mount Rainier, over 14,000 feet high. Plus many in between!

I taught cave rescue classes in Texas, Arizona, and Oregon. The kids and I went to the National Speleological Society (NSS) Western Regional at Lava Beds in California. I was part of the CavesLIVE project filmed in Arkansas. Plus there was lots of great regional caving, including some super paleontological finds and assistance with archeological projects. Cave clean ups included two lint camps and a trip to a well known Utah cave.

Here are a variety of photos. In order to protect some of the caves, I don't necessarily give their name (plus some I've forgotten!).

Surveying a cave in Quintana Roo by float tube (Photo credit: Frank Bogle)

Hiking through the caves is sometimes easier than hiking through the jungle; with Carol and Peter in Quintana Roo

Sunlight filtering through an entrance into a fumarole cave in the summit crater of Mt. Rainier

The Buddha: a landmark in a local cave. It's survived many inundations.
Lint camp is surprisingly fun and brings out lots of smiles
I still don't know how this helictite column formed.
Another cave pretty: a gypsum flower
A trip through the humongous Talus Room at lint camp
A hydrologic oddity--water spouting off to the side. Only happens during fast snow melt.
The beautiful Model Cave harvestman (Sclerobunus ungulatus)

Checking out a cool earth crack cave in Arizona
Stations at a Flagstaff-area cave during a Small Party Assisted Rescue class
On rope next to my brother Ed
It's over a giant snow drift to get into this ice-coated cave
A minuscule millipede, only known from one isolated cave
At the bottom of Nevada's deepest cave, admiring the ice
One of the ephemeral oddities at the bottom of the deepest cave in Nevada
With friends in Blanchard Springs Caverns for the filming of CavesLIVE  (airing in mid-February)
Amazing cave folia
A rare posed photo with friends
Desert Girl in a lava tube at Lava Beds National Monument
Desert Boy in Valentine Cave at Lava Beds National Monument 
A cave millipede
Unusual bones found in a cave
Admiring cool carrot-like stalactites
My good caving pal Doug, who I will go into any cave with
Who will solve the mystery of the ripples on the broken inside of a cave shield?
Cool speleothems
Louise explaining coral pipes
It's always a treat to walk in a Nevada cave!
Classic boneyard ceiling (eroded partially by condensation corrosion)
The lone stalagmite
Checking out more bones in a cave
In a cave with a lot of graffiti for a little cleanup
Bonny smoothing out some of the graffiti in punk rock
A cool cave beetle
We're looking forward to another year with more fun caving. You never know what might be underground!

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Life as Boxer Owner said...

Great photos! What a year you had! Cheers to more fun adventures this year.

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