Sunday, November 6, 2016

Odds and Ends October

Another mish mash of photos from the neglected October pile!
 October means school photos! I had fun photographing the kids before school in the morning light.

Meanwhile, the dog was getting chased by cows.

There was a vehicle fire at the Border Inn that spread to one of the rooms. Fortunately quick action by Border Inn employees and patrons and the response by three local fire departments and Ely kept the damage confined.

We've had a number of people getting hurt or sick. For the more serious incidents, medical helicopters fly in to evacuate the people. It's nice to have access to this high level of medical care.

The kids and I on a long weekend trip to California for caving. (This photo was on my phone, and those phone photos often get neglected.)

We had a great time with our friends Teresa and Ron, as well as some other friends there.

The new water tower in Baker. This was a major issue to get built due to sage grouse, even though the old one was leaking like a sieve and we weren't sure if the community would have healthy drinking water or water to put out a fire. This got escalated up to the Governor's office and even reached Washington D.C.

Our dog seems to like the zipline a lot. It's a little strange to watch her dangle from it.

Checking out the truck that my husband learned to drive in. He pressed the pedals while his brother steered.

Making our own caramel apples!

A little impromptu softball practice one evening.

Auctioning off the high heel chair at the Diversity Party at the Border Inn. The party was so much fun.

A pseudoscorpion in Lehman Caves.

A cool soda straw with an extra growth on it.

This column looks like something out of Dr. Seuss.

My kids like curry! At least the broth and chicken. They'd rather skip the vegetables. There's a super Thai restaurant in Cedar City: Thai Basil.

Don't get eaten by the dinosaur! This is a cool new park in St. George that we visited during fall break. And soon I'll have photos up about that trip.

Superhero princess in search of candy. Trick-or-treating in the rural high desert presents some challenges.
Happy November!

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