Wednesday, November 30, 2016

2016 Turkey Shoot

 It's November, so time for the annual turkey shoot. We don't shoot turkeys, but the winners take home turkeys. Desert Boy competed in archery.

He had a nice grouping.

Desert Girl and I had been practicing quite a bit. She didn't do all that well, but had fun.

This was the kids' archery winner. Three bulls eyes!

Then it was on to pellet guns.

And kids' .22s. Desert Boy really likes shooting. Okay, so do I!

This photo cracked me up. The picnic table is a nice resting spot.

There were many different categories of rifle and pistol shooting at various distances. At least four people had to be signed up for the category to go. I had perfect scores in two of the contests I participated in, but lost in the shoot-offs, so alas I didn't go home with a turkey. Neither did my husband, although he also did some nice shooting. The kids each got a cornish hen.

All ages participated. And there were some stylish dressers!

There was also a raffle, and we were lucky to get a gift card.

There were also hot dogs, elk chili, and other snacks for sale. Add fun times with friends, and it was a most enjoyable day. Until the wind really picked up. But that's another story!

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