Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spring Snow

 We had a winter storm warning at the beginning of the week, something we don't often have. Desert Girl was so excited to see the snow. She got all dressed up to welcome the storm.

The next morning we found that it had snowed even more, covering the apricot blossoms. Looks like another year with no apricots.

The snowman from the previous night was looking a little whiter.

It was beautiful, but I was a bit bummed about the apricot tree.

School had been cancelled in the rest of the county, but not by us. The roads were a little icy but didn't have much accumulation on them.

I wandered around taking a few photos before work. I love thinking about how the pioneers would have dealt with the snow.

Lots of sheepherders are out on the range in small wagons. They are tough!

I checked our chicks, which we've moved out to the chicken coop because they were getting too messy. They are growing so fast and can already fly a little.

After school we had some kid friends come over. I challenged them to a snow-person-building contest. Here's a Snow Family.

It's always fun when you can decorate Baby Snowperson with a Dandelion for hair.

They were creative with the accoutrements!

The other competitors were also big into accessories. It was a fun contest and made the snow last a little longer.
Now it's virtually all melted, at least in the valley. There are still several feet of snow up in the mountains. 

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