Tuesday, March 15, 2016


 We decided to get chickens again (we had some problems with skunks last year and finally gave our last chicken away). We've been trapping skunks, trying to reduce our predator problem. So I picked up six black americauna chicks (if you're wondering why that breed, it's because it was the last one left in the store!). Our first experience with chicks was that they seemed rather feeble and stupid (not getting away from the heat lamp if too hot, or not going to it if too cold). Fortunately, these chicks seemed to be a little more with it.

The kids were immediately happy and wanted to hold them the next morning.

I thought that was a good idea--if the chicks get used to the kids, then they will be easier to catch when we want to put them in the coop early.

The chicks look quite similar, so only one or two have names.

Within a week they had about doubled in size and were flying up to the edge of the big rubbermaid container we have them in. Sometimes they even end up outside it, which is telling me that they will be moving from the house to the coop sooner than we had planned. I don't like chicken poop on the carpet!

The kids have been having friends come over to show them off. They've done well refreshing their water several times a day and giving them new food, so that's been great. We are looking forward to this chick adventure. And hoping that come about July, we'll be getting some blue eggs from these chickens.

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