Friday, March 4, 2016

Around the Yard

At the end of January we had a huge storm, which gave us a big dose of winter, with over 15 inches of snow. Gradually it warmed up, and we saw the icicles getting smaller, one drip at a time.

The warm up meant we had lots of mud. One day, on the way to school, we spotted a creature we don't see often.
An earthworm! It was leaving quite a trail on the road.

A car was coming so Desert Girl rescued it.

We still have some great winter light, and one afternoon the kids told me about the Great Horned Owl in our apricot tree. It looked really impressive.

And then while I was watching it, the owl winked at me! I couldn't believe it. In fact, I was so stunned I didn't quite get a photo at the optimal wink moment, but you get the idea.

The owl is used to us being around (it's in the yard every night), so it just ignores us. I marveled at how far she could turn her head.

We've been getting out for more bike rides, and I've come across a great way to get the kids excited about being outside: I tell them they have free time outside. For some reason, that phrase "free time" puts a creative twist on things, and before I know it they're making forts, climbing trees, and swinging from ropes.

We attended the annual Wild Goose Chase in Delta, Utah. This year was probably the nicest weather we've ever had for it. Desert Boy and I did the 5k, and Desert Girl did the Kids' 1/4 mile race.

We all did well (although none of us caught any geese) and were happy to have participated. Afterwards we checked out the 39 booths (that's a lot!) at the Delta Community Center, went to the Topaz Museum and the Great Basin Museum, found some 90% off Valentine's candy and clothes at King's Variety store (there was a good math lesson in there), and then went swimming at the West Millard Aquatic Center, where Desert Boy dared me to go off the high dive. I did it once, but the water slide was more fun. :)

One day, Desert Girl came running to tell me she had found a flower in the yard. I grabbed my camera and we went to take a closer look at it. How beautiful!

It's fun to see a few hints of spring, but I don't want it to come too fast. I enjoy being outside more, but am not ready for the chaos that is our summer. In other words, I guess I'm not totally ready to wake up from winter hibernation.
Hope you're getting a few hints of spring, too!

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Amanda B said...

The thawing of winter to spring is a great time of year. Looks like you are all enjoying every moment and adventure. Love it!

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