Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wild Goose Chase 2015

Every February for the past few years we've had the tradition of going to Delta, Utah for the Snow Goose Festival. Thousands of snow geese are migrating, and this is one of their favorite stops. They hang out for weeks, finding food in the fields and resting on the nearby lakes and reservoirs. Delta has made the event an occasion for a festival with many events. Our favorite event is the Wild Goose Chase, a 5k/10k with kids' races.

My husband and I ran the 5k and both were pretty happy with our results, especially with the very limited training we've gotten in.

Then it was time for the kids. Desert Girl was all ready for the 1/4 mile run.

It was a very wet snow coming down with a slight wind, which made it hard to stay warm. The kids lined up at the starting line. Desert Girl isn't too aggressive, so she hung out in the back.

Ready, set, go! She took a few steps and one of her shoes fell off. Oh no! I helped her get it back on and secured the other one. She was crying, so I held her hand and we ran the race together.

Once she got close to the finish line, she felt better and raced ahead of me, finishing dead last in three minutes and something. She got a medal, so she was happy.

Then it was Desert Boy's turn for the one-mile race. Except they made it a little shorter, which kind of surprised the race director.

Desert Boy did a great job, with dad running with him for a good part of the race. He finished and was also very happy with the medal.

We were all quite cold, so we decided to forego other outside activities and had a lunch of champions. Then we went to the swimming pool and had a great time.  We went to the grocery store and got a couple weeks worth of groceries. Finally it was time to head home. 

But I still hadn't seen any snow geese, and since this was the Snow Goose Festival, I thought we really needed to see some snow geese. My husband rolled his eyes but managed to find some. I took photos and was happy.

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