Thursday, March 26, 2015

Adventure Walk through the meadow

On one beautiful day when I was feeling restless and the kids were bickering over electronics, I told them we had to go on an adventure walk. They grumbled. But I stood my ground. We'd walk down to the shop and get a ride back with Dad. But we wouldn't follow the road, we had to go a more interesting way. That started with crossing an irrigation ditch. A little challenge soon had them concentrating and happy.

Of course if Big Brother did, Desert Girl had to do it too! Henry stood by watching.

Henry had a little adventure of his own. He likes to chase cows, but they also like to chase him. It's always interesting to see which one is going to move first. I think the cow won this time.

We followed the creek for a long time, and the kids loved these little "islands."

Then we found tunnels through the willows. They were a lot of fun, and the kids were the right height to go through them easily!

Later we found some bones. Big excitement.

Before long, we had another obstacle: a ten-foot high fence put up to keep the deer out of the hay. Desert Boy easily scaled it, but Desert Girl came through the gate with me.

Before long we ended up at the sand pile near the shop (the sand is for making concrete). When it was time to go, the kids didn't want to leave.
Hurray for excuses to spend more time outside. The kids often grumble when I tear them away from their electronics, but they end up being happier outside.

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