Wednesday, September 10, 2014


 Watching the chickens gives me great joy. They are so stupid (one still has problems finding the door of the run, even when the other two go out in front of her), but so fun.

The hens should be old enough to lay eggs, but haven't started yet. We've put a golf ball in the nest box to encourage them. Hopefully soon!
The kids have given names to them all, but I'm not sure if they use the same names each time or change them around.

We're still trapping skunks, so are very careful about getting the chickens in the coop each night. We have some changes planned for the run, but haven't had time to implement them. Hopefully we will do better with these chickens than our previous chicks.

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Alica said...

How well I remember the excitement of finding that first egg! Our chickens matured in the late fall, but our days were too short to initiate egg laying, so we waited...and waited...until after Christmas for our first egg. I never tire of finding eggs in the nesting boxes! Those first eggs are so cute!

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