Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer School

Summer school was held the last week of June. It was four hours every day for a large range of ages. I went for one morning to do a magic show (aka physics for kids) and stayed around to help. The attendance was really good all week, with 21 kids one day. (Out here, 21 people all together is a lot!.)

The incoming kindergarteners were very eager to check out their new classroom. (Kindergarten will be a class of 3 or 4, which is medium-sized, especially since there were no kindergarteners last year.)

Desert Girl had special permission to attend, even though she has one more year of preschool. She enjoyed her turn "reading" her journal entry for the day.

Then she got 30 seconds to bounce on the trampoline. I loved how her little pigtails flew up in the air!

Desert Girl's best friend was also able to go, and he also really enjoyed being a "big kid."

The older kids were glad to see their friends.

We really appreciate the teacher doing summer school, as it gives the kids some good mental stimulation while allowing them lots of play time.

Here's Desert Boy enjoying his time. He was a little hesitant about school at first, but he enjoyed each day. I'm still not quite used to him with his gap-toothed smile!

Of course the best part of summer school was recess!

Finally I saw someone who knew how to use this part of the playground! It was one of the new kindergarteners.

It was a good week, and we are very thankful to the patient teacher.

I asked Desert Boy yesterday if he was ready for school, and he said yes. He misses seeing his friends.

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