Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Announcing The Great Basin for Kids Book

Here it is! The all-new, fantastic book you want in your hands as soon as possible: The Great Basin for Kids! It's 40 pages of full-color, full-fun goodness.

How did this book come about?
I published my book Great Basin National Park: A Guide to the Park and Surrounding Area in 2012, and was asked, "What's next?"

I had several projects underway, but a couple conversations led me to develop a book about the entire Great Basin for kids. I thought it would take a weekend to write. Why, I'm not sure, because two years later, it is finally ready!

I approached many agents and publishers about this book, but the consistent feedback I got back was, "Great idea, but there's no market."

That was a little frustrating, but also eye-opening. Even though the Great Basin extends from the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the Wasatch Mountains and includes parts of six states (Nevada, Utah, California, Oregon, Idaho, and Wyoming), many of the people who live in it don't know it. So even though this book says it's for kids, it's really for anyone who wants to learn more about the Great Basin.

What's in the book?
Learn about some of the cool features of the Great Basin, like volcanic features and huge lakes. Find out what kind of creatures live in various habitats of the Great Basin, from sagebrush to mountain forests. Discover some of the people who live in the Great Basin, such as Native Americans and cowboys. And finally, check out the amazing night skies above the Great Basin.

Along with some information and a fun fact about each of the 18 topics in the book, there is also a kid-friendly activity. These can help you learn about the Great Basin, but more importantly, they are a lot of fun!

Also, there's a map that shows places to visit related to the topic. In the example below, you can find some caves open for the public to visit, scattered all over the Great Basin.

I'm hoping the book will help people learn more about the Great Basin and maybe even surprise them a little. I was surprised by some of the things I learned while researching the book! I can't wait to go explore more!

I also want to shout out to my brother, Matthew Schenk, who illustrated the book as well as did the design and layout. He's the one who has made it such an appealing package. He is a professional graphic designer with an impressive portfolio.

Where can I get it?
Currently the book is available from CreateSpace, Amazon, the Border Inn, and should be available soon from Western National Park Association bookstores in Great Basin National Park, as well as some outlets in Ely, Nevada and Delta, Utah.

I'd love your feedback on the book, and reviews on Amazon are greatly appreciated.

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