Sunday, June 8, 2014

Only Two Weeks Until Snake Valley Festival

It's less than two weeks until the Snake Valley Festival starts, and we're excited! We are ready to go to music workshops, concerts, the ice cream social, beer tasting (well, the kids will skip that part!), and the pageant and dance.

Last year Desert Boy won a crown for Mini Mr. Snake Valley. He was really happy. He's been practicing various talents for this year. No singing, dancing, or playing a musical instrument is allowed, so he has to be creative.

Desert Girl also participated and was happy to be with her friends.

The kids were also glad to be in the parade the next day, where they rode their bikes. After the first lap they stopped so they could watch the parade go around again. (That's how you make a longer parade in a small town!)

The silent auction was a favorite place for negotiations. We found some really cool things there and also at the community yard sale.

We also enjoyed the free entertainment and kids' games out on Baker Hall lawn. This year there will be a bounce house. Fun!

Just when the afternoon was starting to feel really hot, it was time for the water fight. Anyone who ventured out on the playing field got soaked!

After cleaning up, we headed out to the Border Inn for a tasty BBQ dinner followed by the live auction.

We didn't stay up late, as the next morning it was time for Desert Boy's first 5k race: the Snake Valley Slither. He's planning to do it again this year, along with several of his friends.

This year there will be an afternoon concert at the Border Inn by Trotta & Ronstadt with Dalton, a great sounding folksy-blues style of music. They'll also be playing in Ely on Friday night at 7 pm.

For the full schedule, check out the Snake Valley Festival website. Looks like it will be another fun weekend!

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