Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Spring Birds

 I've been having a dilemma: when I go for a run, I get distracted by the birds and want to stop and look at them. Exercise or bird watching? Argh, I don't know!

So I've been doing some of both. The birds are singing all the time (starting about 4:30 a.m., although the owls may hoot before then). Sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to sort out all the songs! Above is a house finch, one of the noisiest songsters of them all!

A distinctive song is that of the red-winged blackbird, which also happens to be quite easy to identify and remember its name.

Another house finch!

The western kingbirds look like they live a good life. They're either chasing insects around with their mates or relaxing on a perch.

We have a lot of robins around here, but I still love watching them.

While I was looking at birds a couple weeks ago, I noticed a bird dart out from the end of a clothesline pole. I took a closer look this week and saw a little blue egg in it.

House sparrows were seen in the nearby trees, but this doesn't look like a house sparrow egg. I didn't get a good enough look at the other nearby birds to figure out what kind of egg this is.

I continue to find bird photography very challenging. The lens I use only goes up to 200 mm, and I generally don't have a tripod with me. So I delete many more photos than I use. Nevertheless, I can't help but try! I learn the birds better when I examine the photos.

Some of the really colorful ones I've seen lately are lazuli buntings, evening grosbeaks, and yellow warblers. What cool birds are you seeing?

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Mimsie said...

Coolest ones recently are scarlet tanager and pileated woodpecker.

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