Saturday, May 10, 2014

Desert Boy's Birthday Bash

 Desert Boy recently turned seven, and we decided to live it up with a trip to town with friends to go swimming. Before we left, Aunt Tana came over and gave Desert Boy his first lassoing lesson. He's got a little ways to go, but he thinks it's pretty cool.

Then we loaded up and headed to Delta, with the first stop at the playground. The kids immediately migrated towards the water. Wait--the swimming comes later! They didn't get that memo, they were ready to play in water!

We were able to lure them out with some pizza. Before long they were back on the playground equipment. I didn't have to plan any activities for this birthday, the kids took care of entertaining themselves!

I did want to head over to the Great Basin Museum, as my kids love it. It's only a short walk from the playground.

The model train fascinated some of them.

I think Isaac enjoyed the dress up box more!

Everyone was fascinated with the old foot x-ray machine from the shoe store. They didn't quite understand how they could keep seeing the x-ray of a foot even when someone put in their hand. Ha.

I was impressed with the trilobite display. Millard County is a world-class trilobite location, and trilobites that are found in souvenir stores around the country come from here.

Then we went into the rock room, and the volunteer turned off the overhead lights. Then she switched on other lights, and suddenly the grey-looking rocks suddenly looked much different!

Some of the kids weren't that excited to go to a museum. But once they got in it, they didn't stop finding things that caught their attention.

 Old typewriters and telephones were a novelty to them.

Then it was on to the main attraction: the swimming pool! The West Millard swimming pool is huge, with a kiddie area, main pool, and diving area.

Even the youngest member of our group got in on the action!

A couple of the intrepid went off the high dive.

We brought some floaties, which the kids loved.

Afterwards it was time for more snacks on the patio. What a fun day!
I think everyone slept well that night. Happy birthday, Desert Boy. Thanks for a good excuse to go have some fun with friends!

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I Am Woody said...

Looks like a perfect birthday celebration!

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