Thursday, April 17, 2014

Random Signs of Spring

 I am so loving this spring. Every day brings new colors, sounds, and smells (okay, my allergies are awful, but I still love spring!). The tulips are blooming, and I find them such a happy flower.

 Our chicks are growing rapidly. I'm fascinated watching the little comb on the forehead emerge and the tail perk up. The chicks regularly try out their wings and are getting stronger.

 This mourning cloak stayed still long enough for me to get a decent photo. I've seen orange, yellow, and white butterflies. One of my goals this summer is to learn my butterflies a lot better, and since the BioBlitz at Great Basin National Park this summer is going to focus on Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths), I have a good chance of accomplishing it.

Desert Boy really, really wanted to run through the sprinkler but thought it might be on the chilly side. So he put on his wetsuit (a yard sale find last year), and ran happily in the water.

Hope you're having a happy spring!

1 comment:

I Am Woody said...

Spring really is a wonderful time of year! :)

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