Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's the Last Day of Winter! So Here are Some Skiing Photos

Isn't it great that it's the last day of winter?! Actually, I like winter more and more as it provides a little more down time to relax and enjoy life. Nevertheless, I can't help but get excited as spring flowers emerge, migrating birds appear, and the weather warms.

Last weekend we went high up in the mountains to Eagle Point Resort to go skiing before all the snow melts. Desert Boy's friend Ava took a lesson with him, while we parents went off on our own to give our ski legs a test. Last winter I went skiing a lot, but this was the first time this winter, despite having bought some skis. It took me a run to start feeling comfortable, but soon it felt great and I was very happy with how I was doing. 

At the end of the day we went to spy on the kids. We had left them alone all day, as the instructors said they would do better if they weren't distracted by parents. 

 We followed them down on their last run, and they did quite well.

 Then ski school ended, and the kids were turned loose.

 We still had one hour to ski with them, and Desert Boy informed us he wanted to ski on the blue slopes (intermediate). I was hesitant, but he said that they had already skied on one. The instructor said they actually skied on two. So we went over and went on a run that had some little jumps. The kids weren't hesitant at all!

We had time for another run that had lots of rolling hills, and if you were going fast enough you caught some air. It was actually my favorite run of the day, and the kids also loved it. We would have kept going, but we ran out of time. What a fun way to spend the day! We're already looking forward to downhill skiing next winter.

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