Monday, March 24, 2014

Feeding the Cousins' Animals

 My sister-in-law had told us what time she feeds the animals, so one afternoon the kids and I headed over, along with friends. When we got there, the kids took a peek in the horse trailer to see what was inside.

 Once the calves realized there was food, they were happy to come out. The kids got acquainted.

 Then Aunt Janille showed them how to feed.

 What a cool experience!

 Then it was time to play. You don't see merry-go-rounds like this one very often. I was delighted to watch the kids run around, and around, and around.

 They took a little break to feed the horses.

Soon the cousins got home from feeding their 4-H steers, and all the kids disappeared into the willows. The moms hung out in the grass and talked, enjoying the warm afternoon sun. It's wonderful to relax with the simple pleasures of life!

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