Saturday, December 28, 2013


Desert Boy with his stick-his-tongue-out-of-his-mouth pose that he's been using for nearly every photo these holidays (sigh)
We hope you have had a good time celebrating the holidays! We've been very busy, despite the long nights and short days (which are thankfully getting longer now that we're past winter solstice).

We've been celebrating the holidays with lots of games: cards, battleship, and Scrabble. It's good to see how much these simple games make for good entertainment--and good companionship! As Desert Boy wants to play on electronic devices and computers more and more, I find that I want him to also learn to play the old-fashioned games. We're still figuring out our balance.I remember playing battleship at my grandmother's house, as we didn't have it at home so it was a special treat. Now Desert Boy has the same opportunity, and I think he enjoys it as much as I did.

What games do you like to play the best?


Mimsie said...

We've discovered Rummikub in the last year and play it all the time. Also Dominoes (so many variations: we like Chicken Foot and Mexican Train).

A said...

We played so many games this break! I'm not sure if it is good or bad that the kids are turning into games fanatics as well.

Some of our favorites might be a little ways off for your family, but not too far.

We love: Ticket to Ride
Forbidden Island
Forbidden Desert (truly addicted)
and of course cards...
up and down the river

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