Sunday, December 8, 2013

Big Winter Storm

 First came the clouds...
 …marvelous, out-of-this world clouds (okay, a little photo editing maybe made them a little more out-of-this world!).
 I hereby dub the cloud above the dumbbell cloud.

Then, after a slow start the next day, the snow started coming and coming. We got several inches down in the valley, and up on the mountain it was over 20 inches.

Not only did we get snow, we got frigid cold temperatures.
 Desert Boy asked if he could walk on the ice, and I told him to go for it.

 The kids didn't seem to mind. They were on their usual perches at the post office, waiting for the bus.

 Then the kids decided to play in the snow. In the parking lot (it hadn't been plowed yet).

 Of course one ended up covered in snow. It's a good thing kids are tough!

 I liked all the lines in this photo.

 My drive to work. It was kind of cool seeing the snow getting deeper and deeper. But also a little scary.

 A dark-eyed junco searching for food in a shoveled area.

 Can you spot the car? Maybe the windshield wipers that are sticking up?

It was quite the snowstorm, and with the temperatures, we'll probably have the snow around for a long time. Fortunately the kids got to go sledding yesterday and take advantage of the snow.

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