Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Stormy End of Summer

 This has been such a stormy few weeks. We're used to having monsoons in July and August, but usually most of them provide dry lightning and a little cloud cover and not much else. This year, it started raining in mid-August and has rained nearly every day.

 One afternoon after a particularly hard downpour, we were treated to a double rainbow. The kids, their friends, and I ran outside to enjoy it.

 Then came the best part for them: jumping in puddles!

 They ran and jumped, splashed, and repeated. It was warm enough that they didn't care if they got a little (or a lot) wet.

 Desert Girl really wanted to go touch the rainbow. I tried to get creative about where the rainbow ended, but it didn't end up quite like I wanted. Nevertheless, it was sure beautiful!

 We decided to go for a walk, and the kids were on a mission to find every puddle they could.

 Some of the puddles were nice and deep, allowing for big splashes.

 We don't get to enjoy puddles out here in the desert too often, so this was a wonderful treat. It didn't hurt that mud was involved!

 I was wondering if we would see any flash flooding, but the ground did a pretty good job of absorbing most of the rain. After two drier than normal years, the ground is thirsty!

 I couldn't resist a photo of the old time wagon and barn. It always looks so neat, but if I had to use it all the time, I might not think quite the same.

 The rainbow stuck around for a long time, gracing us with its beauty.

Life is good with a friend and a puddle and the freedom to run wherever you want!


jhami said...

lol Very cute!

CountryMouse said...

Now that is a rainbow. That looks like so much fun playing in the puddles. I like the old time wagon photo too and the cattle and rainbow. Great photos.

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