Sunday, September 1, 2013

Our Newest Pet

 We have a new pet. Desert Girl is the instigator. How can I resist when she asks for a new pet?

 This time around it's a "caterpilly." Or rather, two of them (although only photographed above).

When we explained to Desert Girl that her pets had been eating our corn, she started calling them "bad caterpillies." It was pretty funny.

This "caterpilly" is a corn earworm. Fortunately quite harmless (to hold, not so great for crops). Some caterpillars can give you quite a rash just touching them.

Most likely these pets won't last too long, but I love how Desert Girl is so excited about exploring the natural world around her.

What's your favorite non-traditional pet?


Andrew said...

Spiders. Definitely spiders. I remember trying to feed them all sorts of insects as a kid.

CountryMouse said...

How cute. As a kid I had a pet skink for a day and we had pet frogs ... for a lot longer than a day. We had to catch flies for them.

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