Friday, July 5, 2013

A Memorable Fourth of July

 We enjoyed good food, company, and entertainment for the Fourth of July. Nevertheless, it didn't end up quite as planned, making for a more memorable experience.

 Desert Boy likes to sit with other people--sometimes his parents aren't just cool enough!

 I wish I knew what Desert Girl was saying to this little boy! She looks a little opinionated!

 The orchestra took the stage and waited 'til the appointed time to start. Meanwhile, distant rumblings of thunder could be heard and flashes of lightning could be seen. We've had a stretch of about 45 days without any measurable precipitation. What were the chances that we would finally get rain on Fourth of July? By the feel in the air, I figured we might get ten minutes into the performance.

 I was wrong, we got about 20-25 minutes into the performance before the lightning got uncomfortably close. Big, fat rain drops started falling out of the sky. It was time to go inside.

Some people went to their vehicles, while many went into the dining room.

 Desert Girl had been saying she liked thunder and lightning, but when she was in the real deal, it was a little scary. Her friends didn't seem to mind, though.

Although the rest of the program was abandoned, we did get to do God Bless America with glow sticks inside with the lights off. It was cool.

On the way home we enjoyed views of more lightning strikes and the red glow of a forest fire up on the mountain that's burning in a wilderness area (which is often quite a good place for fires, as there aren't any structures around, and the forest needs fires to rejuvenate).

How was your Fourth of July? Did you get to see fireworks? Our firework show was postponed due to the rain. Of course the lightning made for a very dramatic light display!


Debbie Aremband said...

Really enjoyed reading this!

The Incredible Woody said...

Awesome capture of the lightning!! And I love the one of the glow sticks too!

Mother Nature provided us with quite a light show for the 4th as well :)

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