Friday, July 19, 2013

A Beautiful Wedding

 What's summer without a wedding? This summer one of our nieces was getting married, and she asked if Desert Boy would like to be ring bearer (he didn't at first, but warmed up to the idea) and if Desert Girl would like to be a flower girl (once she heard a pretty dress was involved, she was all in).

 The flower girls were all darling.

 Desert Boy really liked being ring bearer and getting all dressed up and standing with the big guys. I didn't watch him walk up the aisle because I was keeping an eye on the flower girls, but I heard he waved at a few people and put on his best smile.

 Here the bride gives her dad a hug.

 The weather cooperated for the outside wedding, thank goodness.

 During the short ceremony, the flower girls couldn't help but get a little distracted. Hopefully they weren't too distracting to everyone else!

 And then Kori and David were married and walking down the aisle as husband and wife. They both looked fantastic!

 Aunt Tana gives the girls a hug.

 Then Desert Girl sees her friend Ella and they can't help but show off their beautiful dresses to each other. The moment was priceless!

 Soon it was time for formal pictures. Here's one for the outtakes--I love Desert Girl's expression.

 While we were waiting, we got a quick family photo.

 Happy bride, grandfather, and parents.

 I wish I could have heard what was being said here!

 This photo turned out cute as the flower girls looked for Kori's bright red shoes.


 This was another posed photo that came out cute.

 The guys seemed to be a little more least for a little while!


 Desert Girl was being a real imp so I couldn't resist a few more photos.

 Sometimes she cooperated.

 But by the time we tried for another family photo, both kids were tired of photos.

 That is, until Henry got to be involved. He even had his own red bow tie.

 Happy girl!

 This was a very-well photographed wedding!

 Desert Girl wanted to be Lola the rest of the time.

 Desert Boy had taken off his suit jacket and put on his junior ranger vest. Not sure why, but my kids love to accessorize!

 Ruby was ready for fun!

 Now the junior ranger vest is off and cupcake eating is about to commence. The food was delicious.

 Before long it was time to dance (in more comfortable footwear!).

We all had a great time and wish the bride and groom a long and happy life together!

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Horace said...

This is awesome!

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